Zero Fatalities, A Goal We Can All Live With
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Everyone Buckle Up

If this doesn't inspire you to buckle up, we hope it at least shows you how your actions can threaten the lives of your friends and family members who are in the car with you.

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Not Buckling Up

Seat belt use isn't just a personal decision; it affects everyone in the vehicle and others on the road. The most common contributing factor to roadway fatalities was a failure to buckle up. The best thing you can do to keep from becoming a statistic on Utah's fatality chart is to wear a seat belt.

In a crash, unbuckled passengers can become a projectile and increase the risk of hurting or killing others in the car by
In 2012, more than half of all people who died on Utah's roadways weren't buckled
Excludes pedestrians, bicycle and motorcycle fatalities
are the single most effective traffic safety device for
preventing death and injury
People not wearing a seat belt are
more likely to be ejected from
a vehicle during a crash
3 out of 4 people who are
ejected during a crash die
from their injuries
Wearing a seat belt also helps
the driver stay in the driver seat and helps maintain control of
the vehicle

Reasons to Buckle Up

  • Occupants in rural crashes were 1.8 times more likely to be unrestrained than urban occupants.
  • Unrestrained occupants in rural crashes were nearly 4 times (3.91) more likely to be killed than unrestrained occupants in urban crashes.
  • If the driver is buckled, but others aren't, the likelihood of that driver dying due to unrestrained passengers in the back seats increases by nearly 200 percent.
  • Seat belts are the number one contributing factor in fatal crashes in Utah. When you look at the statistics of those who died in car crashes (this does not include pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists), half of the people killed on our roads were not wearing a seat belt properly—or at all.
  • We know from national studies that about half of those lives - 39 people - could have been saved if a seat belt had been used (17% of the total fatalities in 2012).

Buckle Up in Utah — It's the Law!

Utah's Safety Belt Use Law states that drivers and passengers are required to wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety restraint. The law provides for primary enforcement for individuals up to 19 years of age. In addition, children younger than eight must ride in an approved child safety seat or booster seat. For a person 19 years or older, enforcement by an officer is a secondary action when the person has been detained for another offense. This offense could be speeding, driving impaired, texting while driving and transporting an unrestrained passenger who is younger than 19 years old, among other traffic law violations. As a primary law for those under 19 years old and as a secondary law for adults, it means that it is illegal to ride without a seat belt.

Seat Belt Tips

  1. Always use both the lap and shoulder belt. When worn properly, the shoulder belt should fit across the collarbone and the lap belt should fit low over the hips.
  2. Never place the shoulder strap under your arm or behind your back.
  3. The safest place for any child ages 12 and younger is the back seat.
  4. Infants and children under the age of two should ride in rear-facing car seats.
  5. Children should be securely fastened in a forward-facing child safety seat once they have outgrown their rear-facing seat or after age two.
  6. Use belt-positioning booster seats to help position adult-size seat belts for children who have outgrown their forward-facing car seat (less than 4-feet 9-inches inches tall).
  7. Seventy-five percent of child car seats and booster seats are used incorrectly. Be sure to read your car seat and vehicle owner's manual and follow all instructions to be sure your child passengers are safe.

See for more information on proper seat belt fit for drivers and passengers of all ages and to locate or schedule a free car seat check near you.