Zero Fatalities, A Goal We Can All Live With
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most dangerous road in Utah?
A: There is no specific road that deserves this label because each road has its own characteristics, including the people who drive it. All roads are designed and built to be safe. For instance, while it is in most locations the biggest and straightest roadway, I-15 is the roadway that carries the most people for the longest numbers of miles and has the highest number of fatalities.

Q: Where can I get crash statistics?
A: You can find current Utah crash statistics on the Statistics section of our website. UDOT and the Utah Highway Safety Office can provide additional information as requested. For national crash data, visit the National Highway Safety Office website.

Q: Where can my class learn about crossing the road safely?
A: UDOT has produced a Child Safety Video that addresses this concern. Contact Cherissa Wood, the UDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator, to receive a free copy for your school.

Q: How can I find out more about Utah's traffic laws?
A: Click here to view the Utah traffic code.

Q: Is it OK for bicyclists to ride on the same roads as cars?
A: The roadways are for use by all vehicles, whether human or motor-powered. Through understanding and mutual respect, motorists and bicyclists can successfully share the same environment. Visit the Road Respect site for additional information about motorists and cyclists safely sharing the road.

Q: Why is it a law that a bicyclist on the roadway must ride in the same direction as traffic?
A: It is common for bicyclists to reach speeds of 20 to 30 mph, and having them travel in the same direction as traffic enhances roadway safety. This is especially true when a vehicle is entering a roadway from a side street or driveway.

Q: Where can I learn about the proper installation of my child's car safety seat?
A: Utah has car seat fitting stations throughout the state. At these stations, certified technicians will check your child's safety seat free of charge and show you how to correctly install it. Click here to find a fitting station in your area. To learn more about proper child passenger restraint installation, visit Click it Utah.

Q: Does switching between beer, wine and liquor make you more drunk than sticking to one type of alcohol?
A: Your blood alcohol content or BAC is what determines how drunk you are, not the flavors you selected. Alcohol is alcohol.

Q: Are drugs are a bigger problem than alcohol?
A: Alcohol kills 6 times the number of people killed by cocaine, heroin, and every other illegal drug combined. Ten million Americans are addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is the number one drug problem of America's youth.

Q: Is it true that because of the culture in Utah, there isn't a problem with people drinking and driving?
A: In 2011 there were 13,816 people arrested for driving drunk in Utah.